About Us

Our Work

What is writing to us? From our adolescent,  both our imaginations soared to it's highest heights, whenever we put pen to paper.  Writing helps us create stimulating ideas and song melodies while helping others digest world events, in light of the Bible's clear answers for every situation.  We enjoy being Kay & Bob in our blogs and song writing.  Come along for the ride, we'd love to hear from you!  New Music and a new book is scheduled for 2020.

Our Community

Whether you're around the corner or around the world, you are our neighbors and we'd like to listen to your thoughts, via voice, text or blog.  Communication will help to unite mankind in the understanding of others. We may not all agree but we can learn to be civil in our disagreeing!


Join My Journey

We here at Sea Of Nations, attempt to keep an ear close to the pulse of God, as we navigate through this journey called life!   Our hearts cry is to under-gird Churches and Ministries in the clothing and feeding of hungry children at home and abroad!  Because Robert and are of literary souls, and not doctors or astronauts; we also help to supply children with musical instruments whose parents can't afford them!