Today’s society and all previously established groups of people, have always had laws. Laws governing our social behavior such as robbery,  property controversies, marriage and divorce.  Laws that spoke of an eye for and eye and after childbirth instructions, were included in the Book of Leviticus.  I am of the mind that a reader must set aside serous time, in order to absorb the Mosaic laws issued to the Israelites.  It’s interesting that many of the same laws created thousands of years ago, are the pillars of which the American government and other countries around the world have based their order of social existence.

The obvious conclusion in the attempt to obey these laws, from a civil and moral standpoint were withstood.  The shackling, chaining and incarceration in our modern day, stock-market jail system, has proven in some ways, that laws will always be broken.  When our doors are locked for the evening and all of our loved ones have reclined, must of us want to believe that our community is safe, and maybe even better than the one on the other side of town.  You know, those communities that have the huge, emblems welded to the entrance gate, to their CLOSED, fairy tale neighborhood.  

But all negative sociopathic problems, can be solved and have been victoriously conquered, by the actions taken on by the Creator’s followers.  Who are these peeps anyway,….these followers?  Who are they aligned with and what community might I find them?  Well I’m glad you’ve asked!  They are followers of Christ, who reside inside the LJPPKGFGSC Community  These residents have unselfish concern for others, which is LOVE, always being a source of JOY. Your community member lives in PEACE, being free from disturbance, living a quiet and tranquil lifestyle.  You probably have noticed that this neighbor has been PATIENT with you, because they refuse to act out while waiting on change.  Even when you take their KINDNESS, (their ethical, pleasant disposition and concern for you), their GOODNESS towards you;  an obvious quality for granted, they remain focused.  How is it truly possible for a community to have within it’s borders a FAITHFUL person, who is true, dependable, steadfast with Godly values?  No one can truly have GENTLENESS and consideration as a part of their daily walk and the idea of SELF CONTROL, (having the ability to control their emotions) could never be in any community!

I wish that I could give you a prize for applying the bolded words to the subject, but you now receive a greater gift.  You now know and understand the values that my community, The LJPPKGFGSC Community  live by and who guides their decision to accept them.  There is no law that regulates it’s members (Galatians 5:22-23), and will never require a law to exist!  #theLJPPKGFGSCcommunity