The subject phrase is simple enough, for you to know where I am going with the question.  True, this is America’s traditional time allocated for travel to see and hear the voice of loved ones.  But this season is a great time to over indulge with those meals that bring back memories of Grandma’s,  Mama’s and Auntie’s excellent recipes.

My question to you is:  Why wait?  Not why wait, to over indulge in eating; for as Americans most of us eat more than needed every day.  But why wait, in making the long overdue phone call, to that abstinent loved one, who you know will not call you.  Maybe we are the abstinent ones and have allowed the years to consume us with seasonal finger pointing, with the promise to make the call during the “Holiday Season.”

Why wait to be thankful?  I do understand that one who chooses to give thanks, despite life’s hiccups will be misunderstood by their peers and especially their family.  But when the God driven individual realizes his or her purpose via the word of God; in everything they will give thanks! 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you!  The YOU in this context, is the believer.  Therefore, if you are not a believer this scripture can be quite confusing for you!

Now as a believer, in order to carry out what appears to be an unreasonable command, I must adhere to verse 17, which says “Pray without ceasing and verse 19 which says, Quench not the Spirit.  If I continue in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to navigate those prayers, THEN when those uncomfortable things come my way, the practice of giving thanks won’t be so foreign.  Yes, the death of a loved one is painful.  The lost of a job; especially an unexpected lay off is not a great feeling.  A child who chose drugs over the seemingly drudgery of college studies, is nothing to leap for joy over!  But let’s be real, all of life isn’t a life lived as a perpetual vacation.

Let’s all take a moment, whether traveling to grandma’s house, or at home cooking for a large hungry crowd, put the brakes on to become a thankful individual every day; not just on THANKSGIVING or BLACK FRIDAY!

Enjoy your family!

Edith K.