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It is apparent that these are the last days!

Sitting in a restaurant, were several families and couples nestled together, enjoying a Friday evening meal.  Some of the children who were getting a little boisterous, received an unwelcomed eye from an elderly man, sitting catty-corner from the family. A newly engaged couple came in to celebrate their engagement, with their extended family.  The bride to be had just completed nursing school and the groom chose a field of work in marketing. Near the rear window in a dimly lit area, where no one seemed to notice, were two dapperly dressed men, embracing and kissing romantically and unashamed.

As fate would have it, in this rather overcrowded eatery, was a couple with a newborn baby.  Mom and Dad were anxiously waiting to place their order, with what seemed to be a slim serving staff.  Not only were Mom and Dad hungry, but so was their infant; and as a child without the knowledge of shame would do, she began to scream,…a rather hunger scream.   Mom discreetly began to breastfeed her infant,  and the crying ceased.

The child’s crying ceased to the relief of the parents, but the cry and uproar from the customers seemed to resonate much louder than the previous cries of the hungry child.  Two women had the nerve to tell the Mother, to make her way to the lady’s room to breastfeed her child because they viewed her actions as abnormal in public.  When their plea to the mother, fell on deaf ears, some of the customers proceeded to ask the Manager to have the woman and her family removed from the restaurant.

Isaiah 50:2

Woe (judgment is coming) to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

I am not running for an elected office; therefore, I don’t need your vote nor your support for what is right or wrong.  The word of God stands firm and very clear about the views of an opinionated nation.  I know you’ve tried, per doctors’ orders to substitute artificial sweeteners for real sugar, but frankly, you couldn’t get on board with the unnatural, bitter taste.  Neither can God change His taste buds to accept a bitter, lukewarm creation.  God is also unwilling to be a passenger on the boat that you might be steering, into utter darkness!

As our world moves ever so close to the second coming of the Messiah, don’t be threatened by the populace. You might be referred to as a Christ Monger, an Overzealous Christian, or a person with No Love.  Even the facts of your past will remain current through the eyes of the many unbelievers that knew you when.  For it’s true, you once were a Whore Monger, a Thief and a Liar, a co-conspirator against the body of Christ, BUT God has renewed your mind and you are now recognized by the power of HIS WORD, which is very NORMAL!

Edith K. Conerly – Author, My Belief Is The Icing On The Cake