Job 9:16-42:10

If I had called, and he had answered me; yet would I not believe that he had hearkened unto my voice?  And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends:  also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

THERE YOU GO AGAIN, second guessing God!  The pain and torment in Job’s body, no doubt stirred up moments of bitterness.  By the end of chapter one, after covering himself in sackcloth and ashes, he was fit to be tied.  All of his possessions and his entire seed were demolished in a flash.  His wife and three so-called friends, sought to sin-commentary him to death……but God! This emotional book of Job, has by far been the topic of the quickest destruction recorded, to befall one man.  The paths of great men have crossed, appearing face to face with sudden destruction.   But no characters listed in the Bible have seen their life’s accomplishments so swiftly erased, than the righteous man Job!

For all the pain he experienced, and all the hurtful comments generated from his so-called friends; we still can’t assume Job was completely without fault.  It’s true we often make our final decision about a person on what we have seen, failing to sensitively evaluate the reason for their internal fight.  Job was known as the leading producer in the marketplace. His previous ability in the giving of peace to the hopeless heart, and financial advances to those with no means to support their family, had seemingly come to an end.  Now that Job has lost his children, many of us can empathize as parents, who have experienced similar tragedies.  Where was the unemployment line, for he had no operating capital and no recourse; (so he thought).

His Cattle and entire livestock, not to mention his stocks, bonds and major investments, have now placed him in the same category with the other towns people; (the broke category).  Unfortunately, because of his depressive state and diseased body, the food stamp and unemployment lines were out of reach!

God didn’t change his mind, from his original statement of Job being blameless and upright; fearing God and shunning evil, (Job 1:8). However, our lingering imaginations will cancel God’s plans for us, if entertained for any length of time.   During what others, consider the finale of your earthly life, a sudden spark of the thermostatic belief system, has now risen!

Your dilemma has prompted unqualified judges, to render an opinion on your case. Now God wants you to listen and believe in Him. It’s a good time to pray for those uninformed friends, and in turn God will bless you!  The outcome for our deliverance might be different, but the mode of getting there is the same.  The devil knows who really believes, so don’t second guess God; you just might miss the double for your trouble blessing!

   God, you have allowed me to pray in the name of Jesus, via the Holy Ghost for those non-elected, self-appointed ones who want to judge me day and night.  Thank you Father that I have flowed through this round of attack by the power of your word.  In Jesus Name! AMEN

 Question:  Can you remember a horrible situation when you felt God left you defenseless in the middle of pain and critics?



An Excerpt from my new book, “My Belief Is The Icing On The Cake”