Job 29:21a, 24, 25b, 30:1

Unto me men gave ear, and waited. If I laughed on them, they believed it not; and the light of my countenance they cast not down.  I chose out their way, as one that comforteth.   But now they that are younger than I have me in derision, whose fathers I would have disdained to have set with the dogs of my flock.

THE RISING AND SETTING OF THE SUN never changes, but man oh man, people will inevitably change in a millisecond. Job had it going on; postured in his lounge chair at the gate.  His eyes were as a Hawk’s for those without sight, and a provider for the fatherless.  Chief of all chieftains was he, who dealt out advice a slice at a time, which was eagerly digested by the town’s men and women.  But wait; do I sense the aroma of rotting flesh?  Where is the smile that remained the constant light, longed for by the nobles?

But Job, my brother; that was then and this is now!  Now that you look sad and smell bad, no one desires your presence.  The body once draped in linen, purchased at the finest marketplace outlet, is an offensive sackcloth. His skin, that once reflected a satin veneer is now akin to an elephants’ hide.  He hears the younger, stronger more astute body of critics marching towards him, flaunting their age.   At this point in his societal status, zero was seen a real number for him!

No one believed the acquisition of his wealth was gained dishonestly.  Job hadn’t robbed a liquor store or hijacked an armored car; he was a Godly man! This dog eat dog world has always existed, but I believe Job chose the Jehovah Jireh way of life!  For how could a wealthy person, being surrounded by gleaners remain at a constant level of morality?  How could you defend the innocent, deliver the falsely accused, liberate the miserably, joyless individual and keep your homies happy?

This guy was a pre-visual of a type of Christ!  When the poor and fatherless said, “We need bread”, Job stepped up with provisions from Heaven. For as the widows’ hopes were dashed at the absence of their spouses with the burdens of debts and shame; Job said, “God has blessed me and I can bless others”.   Jesus being our bread, sent down from glory was all of Job and more!  But we all know what happened when the bread was devoured, as the cross loomed in the distance. One by one, the majority disappeared.  But in the end Christ was victorious and so was Job!

Bentley’s are not Chevy’s but when proper mechanical maintenance is performed, both become reliable forms of transportation. When modifiers such as newer, better, faster, sleeker are drawn to our impulses, causing disruptive spending; buyer beware!  Even when it comes down to aging gracefully, our first impulse is to spend unnecessary funds on beauty treatments.

True friends will appreciate the spiritually consistent YOU, even when they can’t travel in your Bentley. Therefore, as believers, we must allow people to be people as WE follow Christ!

Thank you God for being the constant in my life.  Unfounded remarks will always exist in this fallen dwelling, but you O’ Lord are my encouragement in an unappreciative, dysfunctional world.  I believe and receive wisdom from your word.  In Jesus name! AMEN

 Have you forgiven their insensitive comments against you?



Excerpts from the soon to be released book entitled:  MY BELIEF IS The Icing On The Cake, by Edith K. Conerly