Who shall give us flesh to eat?

The modern-day phrase, when taking the journey through your favorite fast food eatery is, “supersize it”.  After all, we are growing human beings with the foregone mental capacity of a young college student but living in the body of a 60-year-old!  Our eyes are larger than our bellies.  Therefore the error in an attempt to eat such a  large piece of meat on the beautiful platter above, is the speed in which it can’t be digested at this current season. Now the pendulum dial of the weight scale swings and tells the gospel truth.  Our previous satisfaction of a medium cheeseburger with a small fry, topped off with a small strawberry shake, now really seems like a kid’s meal.  Now this is the real deal;  when my body mass in addition to my height, came to a grinding halt at around 15 years of age, my stomach didn’t keep growing! “Oh, she is just a growing child was always an excuse to overeat”. The beans and rice with a slice of scratch cornbread, from the loving hands of my mother, was a very delicious meal for my brother and I.  Most of the time, we were blessed to eat meat, usually chicken but sometimes my parents couldn’t afford it but we never went to bed hungry.  The neighborhood kids assumed we ate very hearty, due to our athleticism and sheer joy in loving life;.. the God kind of life.

This God kind of life with the glory of God ever-present with the Israelite’s, to them was viewed as a bad movie. They were willing to obey the instructions of Moses, only when life was good and the Hero gained the heroin and when the water flowed from a mountain stream and not out of a rock.  (wow I ran out of bottled water yesterday and had to drink water from the kitchen faucet, yuck) How much and what more could God have done for them, in their current situation.  Their life like ours always seems to evolve around the unsatisfied appetite.  An appetite for food, sex, money and possessions that belong to others.  In Numbers the 11th chapter, the complaining and murmuring can be viewed as the sound made by a spoiled, ungrateful child.  God became angry, like a real parent but he sent actual fire down and consumed some of the outskirts of their camp.  They cried and repented to Moses and God eased up on the roasting of their campgrounds.  But it didn’t take long before they said, “If only we had meat to eat”!

Okay people, I don’t personally think wanting meat was so bad, but what struck me was their lost of memory.  In Numbers 11:5 are these words.  “We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost (NIV) also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onion and garlic. The KJV, says they remember eating these foods freely.  Wait just a glorious minute!!!!!  From my reading of the Bible and hearing the preached word, the Israelite’s may have eaten all of the above mentioned food groups, but it sure wasn’t free or without cost.  They were enslaved, beaten, humiliated, robed of their dignity and worked from sun up to sun down. Several generations died during their stay in Egypt, surviving only through the encouraging stories of their soon and coming deliverance. Thank God for Jesus because I would have been angry too! Well, the birds hit the fan!  Numbers 11:19-20 said, they would eat not 1 or 2 days, not even 5 or 10 days.  Oh, but wait, not even 20 days, but a month with their mouths filled with meat.  So much meat, that it would squeeze through their nostrils.  Now that’s truly groce!  But like us they got what they wanted but not what they needed!  MEAT!!!!

My journey now is a joyous one.  I don’t need what you have and I don’t revert to thinking about, “BACK IN THE DAY”.  My back in the day was living in a shotgun house in Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas.  The rats had a field day, everyday!  No one to my knowledge could afford an exterminator, to kill off what appeared to be thousands of roaches, that inundated the many rows of dilapidated houses. Dad died young and left mamma as a young widower, but I kept my eyes on the prize!  Manna or the same food everyday may be boring to you, but living one day in the country of Haiti eating clay rocks, without food will put your thinking in check!  Find someone today who is truly hunger and feed them, don’t judge them!          Edith K.  #feedthehungry #Jesuspaidtheprice #Ihavefoodtoshare