Hebrews 12:11 says: No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful! Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace, for those who have been TRAINED by it.
It’s that time again. It’s Summer and with the shift in the earth’s axis, we humans receive a banquet of bountiful fruit, found in the nearest market in our town. As a consumer, we get to enjoy the end result, the tasty produce gained from all the hard work, that most of us never participate in.
Now, who’s really up for soil preparation? The clearing of property; stone, trees and possible illegal dumping. Rows of crisp cleaned lines, which wind and rewind around rural America and around the world, wasn’t a wishful moment in time. Once the land lines up, then the planting of seed becomes another hurdle. Not necessarily in the sense of putting the seed in the ground, but more of what or who will pull the seed up before it has time to take root.
Here comes too much rain, which washes away some of our perspective harvests. If not the torrential rainfall, draught will place doubt in your mind as to the why of it all, when you corn is burned prior to harvest. Truly this is not the way to get popcorn! Now we can understand the process of planting, tending and reaping requires discipline and at times can be painful.
The question to you is: How do you expect a productive life filled to the brim and ever flowing in righteousness and peace, without a season or two in discipline. God forbid, if the farmer had no discipline, to even hold on and hold out when the forces of nature constrain or restricts his or her livelihood. I’d be really disappointed if I couldn’t eat a crisp apple or juicy strawberries.
The bottom line for me in this area is: it ain’t going to feel good when God instructions make me look stupid (in my own eyes). But if I accept and apply the training of His word in my life, then I will experience a life with a harvest of righteousness and peace to share with others. The soil is waiting for You! Can you find yourself in any of this?