Quite simply said, “it’s easy to give out a sympathetic word to an individual who is in crisis”. The familiar clichés of I’m so sorry for your lost or I really understand how you feel, or only in and of themselves words thrown to the wind.
How does one disperse words of encouragement to another, so he or she might capture it’s essence? How might the receiver view my words as words of hope in their darkest of seasons? What vehicle of my inward emotion can be used to truly encourage this person?
A word dispersed in due season is (seasoned) for the hearer’s palate to comprehend it’s sincerity. The essence of the encouragement has been founded on my courage! For how can one truly encourage another without having goon through challenges themselves?
I can give them hope in their darkest hour, by reliving my darkest hour; by sharing recovery, reconciliation and life’s rewards in my not giving up or in stages in life.
Lastly, if I am to truly give a sympathetic word to a person in crisis, my emotional guard should genuinely drop, allowing the individual to be part of my struggle; understanding my COURAGE that qualifies me to ENCOURAGE them!